Following is a selection of frequently asked questions and there answers. If you have any question for which you can not find an answer on this page, please feel free to ask. You can contact us by telephone, email and text. You can also send your query by simply filling the Automint contact form here, thank you!

Why do you charge more than regular car washes?

We are not to be mistaken with regular car washes. We are a professional valeting and detailing centre who focus strictly on quality and customer experience, as oppose to quantity. Every car receives an individual assessment and advice can be given on long term regular care for your vehicle. We also offer bespoke services which are not widely available.

Can I wait for my vehicle whilst it is getting treated?

The lowest level of service lasts around 1.5 hours. Customers usually wish to leave their vehicles in our secure compound protected by CCTV. However you are welcome to wait in our customer lounge which offers free wifi and refreshment facilities. We have on-site toilets must the need arise. If your vehicle is left in our care, we can offer you a courtesy call to let you know when your vehicle is ready for collection.

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer discounts for pre-bookings. You can fill out a customer contact form so we can send you details of special offers and reduced price services for registered customers.

Do you do minor bodywork?

We have a team who can repair minor bodywork, however the vehicle will need to be left with us depending on the job.

Do you do gift vouchers?

We do not currently offer gift vouchers, however the service can be paid for in advance and the contact details left with us so we can contact the recipient to arrange an appointment suited to them.

Do you valet vans?

We will valet any vehicle which can fit into our premises. The largest we have currently had is a long wheelbase high roof van.

Do I need to empty my vehicle of personal belongings before it arrives?

We strongly recommend that all personal possessions are removed from the vehicle prior to handing it over as we cannot be held responsible for any belongings. We do however appreciate that this is not always possible, so we can empty everything into a carrier bag and place it in the trunk of your vehicle.

Why do you have damage disclaimer signs at your premises?

It is important that we display these signs as when cars are washed through regular car washes, they are prone to damage and not often checked as the driver doesn’t leave the vehicle throughout the process. When cars come to Automint, the vehicles are cleaned thoroughly and marks left from previous sabotage become more apparent which would possibly previously have been hidden by dirt. Therefore we cannot accept any form of liability for others mishaps.

What services can you offer for my brand new vehicle?

Brand new vehicles are unfortunately not as brand new as you would expect. They have come from factory conditions which can contaminate paintwork. German cars are often stored outdoors at the docks before they are exported, and these are industrial areas. Dealerships offer a paintwork protection service at extortionate costs, however please bear in mind that this work is sub-contracted to external companies who are paid by the volume of vehicles they attend to, so a thorough job is never done. We can offer a much better service at a fraction of the cost where your vehicle will be ‘better than showroom’ when complete.

Do you offer services for special occasions?

We have had many customers who have bought their loved ones vehicles and we have prepared them to an excellent standard before the gift is exchanged.